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Foundation: Alathea Biotec was founded in 2020 with a vision to contribute significantly to the healthcare industry.

Early Developments: The initial focus was on establishing a strong foundation, assembling a dedicated team, and outlining the company's mission and values.

Research and Development: The company invested heavily in research and development, laying the groundwork for future product innovations.


Product Launches: Alathea Biotec made its mark with the launch of several key products, including Colitec-P, Alshine D3, and Dizisure.

Market Entry: The products received positive feedback from health experts and gained traction in the market, marking the company's successful entry into the healthcare industry.

Expansion: With increasing demand, the company started expanding its operations, strengthening distribution channels, and exploring new markets.


Recognition and Acclaim: The dedication to quality and innovation led to widespread recognition. Products like Colitec-P, Alshine D3, and Dizisure received acclaim from both experts and renowned healthcare organizations.

Strategic Partnerships: Alathea Biotec forged strategic partnerships with key players in the industry, enhancing its capabilities in research, development, and distribution.

Focus on Sustainability: The company embraced sustainability initiatives, incorporating eco-friendly practices in its operations and product packaging.


Continued Growth: Alathea Biotec experienced continued growth, expanding its product portfolio and market presence.

Global Reach: The company successfully entered international markets, reaching a broader audience and contributing to global healthcare solutions.

Innovation Hub: Alathea Biotec established an innovation hub, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and exploration of cutting-edge technologies in healthcare.

Community Engagement: Recognizing the importance of corporate social responsibility, the company actively engaged in community initiatives, supporting health and wellness programs.

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